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Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. Hopefully this is the year we move past Covid and get back to normal.

It has been a difficult year we have all come through and now we are presented with a brand New Year to make of it what we will.. We are not out of the woods with Covid but we are progressing. I expect there will be a version of a shut down coming soon and hopefully with any luck it will be the last time and we can get back to providing services again.

I wish everyone the best possible New Year 2022 with all the promise, hopes and dreams come true. Healings for those struggling. With any luck I will be reopening in a few months if all goes well and thank everyone for being so patient waiting for this to pass. I look forward to the New Year and getting back on track. Hang In There. You are in my thoughts always and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Kathie

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